Space Amazon from the planet Velasia IV



Wielder of the Lightblade Crysorax, Lyriana fought valiantly to liberate her people from the cruel oppression of the Slimelords themselves. Several centuries ago a Slimelord ship appeared in the skies above the primitive humanoid inhabitants of Velasia IV, foolishly believing the oddly shaped star to be a manifestation of their gods they welcomed the foul aliens and were quickly enslaved. Trained by the Velasian resistance to be the culmination of their warrior heritage, Lyriana led a desperate attack against the Slimelord mothership but she was betrayed by her 2nd in command and captured. As a final indignity the Slimelords are forcing her to fight in their cruel arenas.

Might: 6
Agility: 8
Mind: 6



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